Hybrid All

      PRODUCT description
      JOINLEADER 1519 HYBRID ALL is an outstandingly versatile combination adhesive and sealant based on the very
      latest refinements in MS Polymer technology.
      JOINLEADER 1519 HYBRID ALL is massively out performs traditional sealants and adhesives, having incredible
      sealing properties and bond strength to porous and non-porous materials, even under water.
      JOINLEADER 1519 HYBRID ALL is a versatile product which can be used in almost every application imaginable -
      even when immersed under water.

      High Elastic
      No odor
      Easy to use
      Low modulus


      JOINLEADER 1519 HYBRID ALL is not adapted to structural fitting and following situations:
      1. To all surfaces that bleed oil;
      2. To the surfaces that with direct touch of food.
      3. To the painted surfaces, may cause seal failure as the paint cracking or stripping;

      4. Not recommended for use with marble and similar highly porous;
      5. Will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon;


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