PRODUCT description
      JOINSIL 990 STRUCTURAL SILICONE SEALANT is a one-part high quality, neutral and room-temperature cured
      Silicone Structural Sealant.
      JOINSIL 990 STRUCTURAL SILICONE SEALANT has excellent adhesion without applying primer painting to many
      architecture materials such as glass, coated glass, anode aluminum material, granite and coated mental material.
      JOINSIL 990 STRUCTURAL SILICONE SEALANT high ultimate tensile strength sealant ideally suited for structural
      bonding and protective glazing applications.

      One component, Odorless, neutral and non-corrosive cure at room temperature.
      Excellent resistance to weather, over 50 years’ duration
      Excellent resistance to low and high temperature, performance changes little between -50C~200C
      Excellent mechanical properties
      Very good adhesion and compatibility, especially to metals (non-corrosive) and various paint systems.
      Compatible to most membrane-plated glass or hollow glass.
      Meets global standards for structural glazing (American, China, Europe)

      Can be used for structural glazing and sealing for glass, stone, aluminum panel curtain wall, and secondary seal of
      insulating glass, filling and sealing for complex edge.
      Suitable as a secondary edge sealant for the manufacture of multipane insulating glass used in structural glazing fa
      Is also used for sealing and bonding in building construction and technical/industrial applications.



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