PRODUCT description
      JOINLEADER 888 HOTMELT SEALANT is one component production designed for the insulating glass units with
      using of both structral and sealing. And it appears very low water vapor and transmission rate.
      JOINLEADER 888 HOTMELT SEALANT's main material is butyl rubber, 100% solid, used after heated to melt. It has
      the strong adhesion with glass and aluminium. Single seal can meet the performance requirements for insulating
      glass, passed the national glass quality supervision and test center testing.
      JOINLEADER 888 HOTMELT SEALANT has low requirement to the production environment, minus 50 degrees can be normal operated. It curing time is short, eliminating the double sealing hollow glass at least half of the cumbersome process to improve the production efficiency, shorten the time of delivery, and non-toxic tasteless green surroundings.

      Zero waste - non slump
      Very low Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) - for maximum unit life
      Top tightness
      Excellent adhesion to glass and spacer
      High efficience to use
      Convenient pack size for easy storage


      It can be used for the manufacture of insulating glass units.
      It forms an excellent dual-structral and seal system.


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