JOIN LEADER 119 Fire-Retardant Silicone Sealant is a medium/high modulus, one-component,
      neutral curing silicone sealant. It is a specified performance of fire-retardant & weatherproofing product.
      It has excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates used in the construction industry.
      High performance fire rated silicone sealant for fire sealing applications up to 40mm wide.
      Neutral curing fire rated silicone sealant with excellent weather ability, flexibility and being
      Primer less silicone sealant offering a 4-hour fire rating to BS476 part 20 &22.



      Fire rated up to 4 hours in both horizontal and vertical joints, low smoke
      Can be used in joints up to 40mm wide.
      Halogen free, ozone and radiation resistant.
      Non-slump, easy to apply and tool off.
      Ideal for expansion, connection, perimeter and other movement joints
      Neutral cure – suitable for use on masonry and other porous and non-porous substrates
      Extension/compression movement capability from -25% to +100% of the original joint width
      Specially developed used in fire-retardant sealing for building & electric appliance etc.
      Excellent weather ability, virtually unaffected by sunlight, rain, snow, ozone or temperature
      Excellent unprimed adhesion to a wide variety of construction materials and building components
      Stable and flexible from -50℃ to +250℃


      JOIN LEADER 119 Fire-Retardant Silicone Sealant has been specially developed used in
      fire-retardant in fire-retardant sealing for building and electric appliance etc.
      JOIN LEADER 119 Fire-Retardant Silicone Sealant can be widely used for bonding, assembling,
      sealing, sticking and repairing of glass, coated glass, ceramic, tile and so on.
      It is designed for fire protection sealing of building facades, expansion joints, door frames and block
      work walls etc.


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