Universal White GLUE

      PRODUCT description
      Joincraft 101 Universal White GLUE is a multipurpose wood and paper adhesive. Its main component is modified
      polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) resin which gives good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
      Joincraft 101 Universal White GLUE is fast drying and has good adhesion and strong bonding strength in primary
      stage. It also has long-lasting pliability and match up to environmental requirement.
      Joincraft 101 Universal White GLUE is widely used to bond leather,making plywood, paper, cloth, complex board, color
      printing carton, wood etc.

      Easy to apply and clean
      Super bonding strength
      Quick uniform drying
      Cures at room temperature
      After curing, form a flexible and clear film which is anti-acid and anti-alkali
      Non-toxic – safe for children


      Widely used to bond leather,making plywood,paper,cloth,complex board,color printing carton and wood skin etc.
      Apply to furniture manufacturing and decorating industry, for fiberboard, decorative plates, wood, etc.
      Suitable for edge gluing, face gluing, laminating, finger jointing, doweling, veneering and paper foiling applications.


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