JOINFIX 55 Super Nail is a synthetic rubber based, one component multipurpose, high
      quality adhesive.
      The quick-grab formula provide a heat and water resistant bond with fewer nails or
      fasteners required to a variety of substrates.
      JOINFIX 55 Super Nail can be used to eliminate the need for nails and screws in many
      construction, family decoration, DIY and repair work.

      Easy to apply
      For general construction, remodeling, maintenance & repair projects
      Reduces nail pops & fastener use
      Bonds drywall, paneling & plywood to wood or steel framing
      Heat & water resistant
      Non-drip & gap filling
      Rapid cure
      Quick-grab formula requires less bracing
      High strength, permanent bond
      Good adhesion on many materials


      JOINFIX 55 Super Nail can be used for bonding a wide variety of material: such as wood
      to wood assembly, metal joints to lumber, synthetic materials to plaster/ brick, aluminum to
      wood/ brick, bathroom fixtures, fiberglass shower enclosures, metal, brick, plaster, concrete,
      drywall, ceramic tile, plywood, particleboard, mirror etc.
      Bonding most types of wood flooring, parquet, strip (solid, engineered and prefinished) &
      sheet timber; floor and wall tiles; rubber and suitable resilient overlay and masonry to common
      flooring substrates such as concrete, pre-existing strip flooring, particle board, plywood, and
      MDF, HMR (HDF), FC (Fibre Cement) sheets.


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